"Revaty Aizu" where I waited to wait as ...

Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen Tourism Association

Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen Tourism Association

A new-style special express

‹ 2017/04/25 ›

"Revaty Aizu" where I waited to wait as Aizu person was movement starting at last on April 21. Travel can enjoy one without direct connection and transfer comfortably by ride quality as the Shinkansen again from Asakusa station to Aizutajima station. Yunokami hot spring, Ashinomaki hot spring and Aizu-wakamatsu district were transfer by Aizutajima station, but laying over of timetable revision and transfer was also reduced with movement of a new-style special express by Aizu railroad Corporation, and a smooth transfer became possible. I think Aizu became close by a way to the Kanto area with improvement of advantage convenience. You can be in hope for sightseeing revival after an earthquake disaster.

Number 111 arrives at Aizutajima station after a ceremony. First our Ashinomaki hot spring hostess, Higashiyama Onsen hostess and an armor corps meet Aizu railroad Corporation. Many people were taking a ceremonial picture with Revaty Aizu in the background. I left a transfer over, took it with a customer, distributed the distance for 1 hour to the Ashinomaki hot spring station and a brochure of the Aizu tourist spot and appealed for each hot spring and a tourist spot in Aizu. It's as far as there is also a ride of the group, and I'm really fortunate in about 120 % of boarding ratio.

I think you heal fatigue of travel by the natural hot spring with the rich canyon's beauty of Okawa and volume of hot water at Ashinomaki hot spring, so please come to drop in to stay overnight also by all means.

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