Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen
Hot Spring Tour Bill

Enjoy the hot springs of Ashinomaki Onsen at a discount with the "Hot Spring Tour Bill"!
  • You can purchase a "hot spring tour bill" only for those who stay at Ashinomaki Onsen.

    1,000 yen per sheet (tax included)

    ・Please contact the front desk of the accommodation facilities in Ashinomaki Onsen to purchase them. They are not available at the Tourist Association office.
    ・Guests staying at any of the Ashinomaki Onsen inns can purchase this item.
    ・You will receive an Ashinomaki Hot Spring Tour Map at the time of purchase.
    ・Only one person can use one bill.
    ・If the date specified on the bill has passed, the bill will become invalid.
    ・We reserve the right to refuse entry to guests who are under the influence of alcohol, or whose behavior or clothing may cause inconvenience to other guests.
    ・Please keep the business hours of each facility.


Why don't you enjoy the hot spring resort surrounded by forests and valleys with plenty of nature by bicycle!

  • When the weather is nice, go for a bike ride! After working up a good sweat, take a relaxing soak in a hot spring. Electric bikes are suitable for people who are not confident about their physical strength.

    One time 500 yen (tax included)

    • bike
      4 Electric bikes are available
    • Operating
    • Reservation
      Reservation is required a day in advance for charging convenience.
    • For inquiries
      Reservations and questions, please contact Ashinomaki Onsen Tourism Association at TEL 0242-92-2336, or via Contact Us on our website.


  • Summer
    The Obon Summer Festival Dance in Ashinomaki Onsen

  • Autumn
    Ashinomaki Onsen Women’s Imoni (traditional soup) Gathering

  • winter

    Snow town

  • winter


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