Course 1
Footbath tour

This course takes you to the footbaths while enjoying the scenery.

  • Duration About 30 minutes +
    (Walking in the hot spring area)

    Preparation towel

  • Course MAP(PDF)
  • ① Ashinomaki Onsen station

    The station is famous for its cat stationmaster "Love".
Next to the station building, the "AT-301" used by the Aizu Railway for trolley trains is preserved, and the interior of the train displays items from the old Japan National Railways era. In addition, there is an Aizu Line driving simulator that uses an AT-301 driver's seat from that time, and the Aizu Railway Shrine.  

    Take a taxi or bus to the hot spring resort

  • ② Kagayaki Park

    With flowers in bloom each season, and a footbath on a hill after climbing a gentle staircase, there is a luxurious footbath with a great view where you can enjoy both nature and hot springs.

    Going from one footbath to the next.

  • ③ Footbath Ashi Poppo

    The footbath is located in a perfect spot with a great view. Soaking your tired feet in the hot water of Ashinomaki will refresh your body and mind, and surely stimulate conversation.

    Moving on to another footbath

  • ④ Konsei Shrine, Hot Spring of Child Treasure

    This hot spring is located right next to the Konsei Shrine, and is said to be effective in relieving coldness, and to be blessed with a child thanks to the shrine's blessings.
    If you pray to Konsei Shrine, the god of marriage and childbirth, and warm up by dunking your feet in the childbirth water, you may be...

    Going from one footbath to the next.

  • ⑤ Small Japanese snack shop Agasse

    Former “Healing place Agasse” is now re-opened as a small Japanese snacks and souvenir shop. They sell small Japanese snacks, toys and souveniors.
    (Business hours 9:00 – 17:30)

    Let’s enjoy the small snacks as if one were a child!


    DECCORA means "a lot of things" in Aizu dialect!
We recommend the Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen Curry, which is made with selected vegetables!

    Eat lots of vegetables and get healthy!

Course 2

Forest Bathing Course

  • Duration About 1 hour and 30 minutes

    Preparation Easy-to-Walk Sneakers

  • Course MAP(PDF)
  • ① Promenade Ichii Alley

    The entrance is located at the top of the stairs of the Yusen Shrine next to the Marumine Hotel. In the middle of the 1.2km-long walking path, there is a 500-year-old "Ichii tree" that overwhelms the viewer. It takes about an hour to walk this course, and it is a good way to enjoy the forest bathing.

    Walk a lot and eat a big cutlet!

  • ② Drive-in Aizu

    A drive-in at the foot of the bridge. The famous sauce katsudon (pork cutlet rice bowl) is a great value for money, and the taste is also excellent. The rich sauce and the thick pork cutlet are a perfect match and you will never get tired of it.
Course 3
Nature's Healing

A course to relax with the scenery of the Ookawa River

  • ① Marumine An

    The store specializes in chewy brown sugar buns (manjuu). You can choose from a wide variety of brown sugar manjuu. The store also has an eat-in space.

    Buy a brown sugar manjuu and go!

  • ② Retro scenery along the way.

    The walk to Ookawa along the old road is nothing but nostalgic.

  • ③ Aga River (Ookawa)

    The Aga River, a ravine that flows around Ashinomaki Onsen.
    The gentle curves and emerald green of the river surface are beautiful and soothing.
    There is also a park golf course nearby.
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