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Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen Tourism Association

Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen Tourism Association

Around Town

Ashinomaki Onsen Kagayaki Park “Flowers in Every Season”

Ashinomaki Onsen Kagayaki Park, as part of their “Flowers in Every Season”campaign has begun the first session: spring!

Flowers are grown throughout the year, with the support of the local ryokan,shops, and townspeople.

Enjoy resting your feet in the footbath, while enjoying the beauty of the many different colored flowers.

Come enjoy the beauty of the area, relax your mind, and forget your cares for a while.

A footbath to rest your feet

Located in the center of the onsen area is a footbath with a free-flowing spring and a fantastic view.

Even if you’re just driving through Ashinomaki, make sure to stop by.

Dip your tired feet into the hot waters and restore your body and mind. You can also enjoy talking with others.

The Ichii Trail (Japanese Yew Trees) Walkway

This walkway spans approximately1.2km.

Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature as you make your way around Ashinomaki on this path.

Along the walkway you can see many Japanese Yew Trees- the symbol of this path.

Once you’ve gotten some lightexercise on the path, make sure to soak your feet in the special hot waters of Ashinomaki Onsen.

Enjoy the view of the Okawa River and the Aizu Railway running parallel to each other.

Deaino Yu Hot Water Waterfall

This hot water waterfall is located at the entrance to Ashinomaki Onsen.

It’s there to welcome everyone to Ashinomaki.

It was contrasted with the purpose of making introducing visitors to the hot springs of Ashinomaki.

Feel free to take pictures here to commemorate your visit.

Kodakara no Yu footbath at Konsei Shrine

The hot spring water of Ashinomaki is famous for its healing abilities.

The high temperature of the water is also famous; from long ago, people from all over have come to visit, and pray for many children.

Come pray at Kinsei Shrine for a good marriage and many children, while enjoying the footbath.